Rihanna's Interview With Oprah / by

If you missed the in depth Rihanna interview with Oprah on "Oprah's Next Chapter", then you can watch it here. The talk show queen flew out, for her very first time, to Barbados where she had a sit down with Rihanna as well as toured her old neighboorhood.

The two sit and talk about a wide range of things inlcuding her life and love for music, her rise to fame and of course the infamous incident that happend in 2009 with Chris Brown. Rihanna opened up more and was very vunerable while talking about certain topics. Check out the full interview below.

Before I begin, I have to say that I loved Rihanna's Arizona Green Tea dress that she rocked. I' uber late for posting this, the article was already written but I needed to find an embed code for the video and I just did. But any who, this was such a great interview. Rihanna opened up and was more vulnerable than ever.

She also scored the show it's highest ratings ever. She beat out Lady Gaga. In the mist of it all, after the interview there was controversy. Chris Brown's mom took to Twitter to lash out and someone, calling them a liar. Though it wasn't directly but fans thought they were towards Rihannna. See the tweets below.

Then she shut those rumors down by tweeting that she talks to Rihanna everyday and if she had something to say to her, she would do just that. Nevertheless, it was a good interview, I enjoyed all 40 minutes of it. Next up..is Jennifer Hudson!