Timbaland Will Produce Records For Aaliyah's New Album / by

As the days fly by, news unfolds about the release of Aaliyah's latest song "Enough Said" which features Drake. So the song wasn't released by Drizzy, nor the Haughton Family. Instead, it was put in full swing by her label Blackgroud Records, which is headed by her uncle Barry Hankerson.

After word on the posthumous album got out, Timbaland spoke out and said that the album should include his work and Missy's. That's exactly what will happen. He has been confirmed to produce two tracks on the project and the rest will be mostly done by Noah 40. I know that makes you happy.

So I guess I can get off Drake's ass now. He didn't leak the song, he didn't try to block out Timbo and Missy from the project. It's not him. He's also so far only featured on just this one song. Aaliyah's label is heading the album's movement and are responsible for the producers and features. So no more chewing out Drake. I apologize.