Tracee Ellis Ross Departs From BET's "Reed Between the Lines" / by

I don't know what he hell is going on over at the BET Headquarters, but the network has just lost another star of one of their shows. Following the departure of Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall from The Game a few months ago, Tracee Ellis Ross has exited from the show "Reed Between The Lines".

There's no official word on exactly why the split came about but news broke yesterday about her departure. Both parties released statements, but again, there was no why. The show will still go on with a second season as three new characters have been penciled in to fill Ross's shoes. Check it out below.
Tracee Ellis Ross, star of BET's family comedy "Reed Between the Lines" and one of the cable network's biggest stars, is leaving the series. Ross' exit comes several months after she joined the cast of an NBC fall pilot, "Bad Girls," about women in a federal prison, that was ultimately not picked up.
Ross in a statement said that "Reed Between the Lines" was a show "I believe in and care about" and that there was a "chance" she might return at some point. Loretha Jones, BET's president of original programming and news, called Ross "an amazing talent," adding, "We wish her nothing but the best and hope to work with her again in the future."
In "Reed Between the Lines," Ross and Malcolm-Jamal Warner played Carla and Alex Reed, an Atlanta-based couple juggling their busy professional lives with raising their three children. Their marriage was presented as stable and loving. When the second season launches next July, the couple will be separated.
Carla, a psychologist, has moved from Atlanta to Los Angeles to take a "dream job" and hopes the family will join her. But Alex, a university professor and stay-at-home dad, doesn't feel a move is right for the children and chooses to stay in Atlanta.
BET has announced three new cast members — Michole White, Tony Rock and Charlie Robinson. White and Rock will play old friends of Alex helping him deal with his troubled marriage and raising the couple's three children, and Robinson ("Night Court") will play his father.
SOURCE: L.A. Times

Something definitely isn't right over a BET. I don't know what's going on. How could you lose stars from the biggest shows on the network? How do they expect these shows to stay afloat? Without Tracee, a lot of people won't tune in. The majority of her "Girlfriends" are the reason why that show was succeeding.

I even have to admit, while watching the show, I kept referring to her as Joan, even though her character's name was Carla. But it's just disappointing that BET can't get it together. Like I said, there's been no official word on why she left, just like there's no official word on why Tia and Pooch left "The Game'.

BET just swept it under the rug...SMH! I'm highly pissed!