Watch: H+ The Digital Series Episode 1 & 2 / by

Last week, I was doing my usual parading on Youtube, just killing time. While doing so, I stumbled upon this cool new digital series that's exclusively on the tube called "H+ The Digital Series.". I first watched the trailer and became highly interested. Afterwards, I watch the first two very short episodes.

I thought you might enjoy this. Here's my synopsis. Scientist have invented a new technology called H+ that is implanted within the human brain, giving them instant online and internet access through their own eyes and mind.

They can literally see, send and receive emails, open web browsers, stream live shows and movies all from their mind while using their hands to navigate the process. But something went terribly wrong with the invention & people are dropping dead. That's all I'll give away. Check it out below.

Episode 1: Driving Under

Episode 2: On Their Level

I hope you liked it. I'll be posting the new episode as they'll be posted every Wednesday at 12pm. IF you would like to keep up with the awesome web series, just click here. And as always, share your thoughts about it below.