Watch: True Blood Season 5 Episode 10 / by

Last night, another bloody episode of HBO's hit series True Blood aired. If you missed it, you can definitely check it out right here. As always, the show picked up right where the last one left off. In this episode, a few of the new vampires get staked, Tara & Pam fight for their bar and are not willing to let it go.

Hoyt finds a job in a far away place and wishes to forget all about Jessica and Jason. Sam and his girlfriend are on the hunt to find Emma who was kidnapped buy Russell, who has now turned his back on Lilith and has a fairly blood drinking plan up his sleeve.

Bill sent for Jessica who he's now trying to convert, Eric is starting to believe Lilith was real as he watched her kill his maker. Sookie is finding out more and more about Warlow and why he killed her parents and why he's after her. Check out the episode after the break.

This season is almost wrapping up. Only two more episode to go!