Watch: True Blood Season 5 Episode 11 / by

If you missed out on True Blood this past Sunday, then you know that you can catch up right here. There's only one more episode left which is the season finale. Make sure to tune in. In this episode, you will take notice at how Lilith is turning the vampires against one another by telling each of them that they're the chosen one. That resulting in Bill killing one vamp and he won't stop there.

Jessica was ordered by Bill to capture Jason and turn him but she disobeyed him and went to get shelter from Pam and Tara who was later visited by the authority. Sam and Luna are still on the hunt for Emma, they find her before being captured. Eric and Nora snapped out of the spell and finds a way to break away from the others.

Andy was visited by a fairy who's now pregnant with his baby. Sookie and Jason sought shelter at the invisible fairy club after they learned that Russell Edgington & Steve Newlin was out seeking fairy blood. The club was discovered by the vamps after one of the wisest fairies were killed and now all hell is about to break loose. Watch the episode after the break.

Season finale, this Sunday! Make sure you tune in. If not, we have your back! In the meantime, tell us what you though about this episode? Comment below.