Watch: True Blood Season 5 Episode 9 / by

If you missed out on Sunday's dose of True Blood, then you can watch it right here. The HBO series picked up right where  the last episode left off. This week you're in for a surprise. You see the end to one story line and the birth of another, yup it's just that fast. Searching for Emma will be next.

Jason, Sam and Andy help stop the hate group called the Obamas and found out who the leader of the group was. Sookie asked for Lafayette's help to find out who that mysterious spirit was that she saw in her bathroom, instead she stumbles upon something else. She was visited by her fairy friends and the  told her some stunning news.

Hoyt was saved by Jason and taken to the hospital. Terry and Patrick battled it out with only one of them walking away with their life. Tara and Pam was introduced to their new sheriff in a not so good way after learning about the factory bombings which made her worry more about Eric. Bill is now a believer in Lilith and puts Eric's escape plan on hold. Watch the show below..