What's Love Got To Do With It / by

So as I was doing my nightly Youtube spamming, I ran across this. I started watching it yesterday afternoon then I started packing and coulnd't finish. But I finished watching it tonight. First off, I couldn't beleive I found the whole movie on Youtube. It's about to be 20 years old as it was released in 1993. I'm sure you have seen this movie by now, if not, slap yourself...twice. Once for me and the other for your stupidity.

It stars Angela Bassett and Laurence Fishburne and it tells the story about the life of the legendary Tina Turner. In 1993, I was 5 years old and my grandmother LOVED this movie. We watched it faithfully, my grandmother loved Tina just as much as she did Whitney Houston. She had the albums and all. I haven't seen the movie in so long and it's funny that I watched it again and understand everything that was said and done.

When you're younger, your mind isn't fully developed or equipped to understand what was said or happening. But I processed it all and found myself saying "oooh that's what she said" or "Saaay whaaaat?" and the infamous ""oh heeeell no!" It felt good reliving some of the memories as a child. If you've watched this in the 90's then you'll know what I mean. Watch it below.

Ike was painted out to be a vicious, foul man. I hated Laurence Fishburne when I was younger. Every movie I saw him in, I thought he was gonna beat the hell out of someone. That was the mind set that I had when I was young. Even still, when I see him today, I think of Ike Turner. He played the hell out of that role and so did Angela.

Twenty years ago....time flys so fast.....