Alicia Keys Talks "Put It In A Love Song" Single & Video / by

A few years ago, music fans we're sent into a frenzy when it was announced that Alicia Keys and Beyoncé we're going to do a song together. They damn near died when they found out that it was going to be a single along with a video. The duo flew down to Rio to film the clip for "Put It In A Love Song" but it never saw the light of day.

No one spoke anything of it. It was like it never happened and fan we're disappointed. They wanted to know why. Well, speaking to Essence magazine, Alicia vaguely tells the world the reasoning behind it's shelving. She also doesn't give any word on if the fans will actually EVER see it surface on a DVD compilation or anything. Check it out below.

****** Finally, fans have been dying to know what ever happen to the “Put It In a Love Song” video you shot with Beyoncé?

KEYS: Ohhh man! Y’all aren’t going to leave me alone about that! Sometimes with creative things [it] all comes together and it’s (makes perfection kissing noise) and sometimes things almost come together and it’s better to just leave it.

So we love that song. We had a ball shooting the video. It just so happens that the whole thing, for some reason or another, didn’t quite come together so we just decided to leave it. And that’s what happened.

Source: Essence

I don't like that explanation. It doesn't tell me anything. Nothing at all. But who am I right? the song wasn't as hot as it was hyped to be, but the to of them together made the song EPIC. Just look at how wild the crowd went in this performance.

Fans waite and waited an are still waiting. I'm sure it will get leaked some day, or it will be included as bonus content on something from Alicia Keys. I mean, why waste money?