Azealia Banks Premiers "1991" Music Video / by

Azealia Banks has dropped yet another video from her EP and it's the title track "1991". The clip was directed by Justin Mitchell. This is said to be the last video from the EP as she will put more focus on her debut album "Broke With Expensive Taste".

She's clocked studio time with Kanye West and other familiar producers. The project is slated for release in February 2013. Until then, check out the video below.

Crap! I hate that I'm saying this, but I like the video. I really do I actually think I like her. DAMMIT! I knew this was going to happen. Her and that deep plum ass looking lipstick has reeled me into her music zone! Lets not forget about her #1 stan Jam Johnson who wouldn't let me NOT like her.

All of my insults, snubs, shots and wig grabbing insults that I threw at her, he wouldn't let me be. He just had to make me watch her videos and now I've crossed to the dark side of her lipstick. What do you think about the video?