Brandy Performs "Put It Down" on MDA Telethon / by

The release of her album is a little more than a month away and Brandy is pulling out all the stops. When I say ALL of the stops, I mean that because this chick performed on the "MDA: Show of Strength" and IMO this isn't the type of song that you would perform for this type of show.

Needless to say, she performed her single "Put It Down" which is lifted from her album "Two Eleven" and it hits stores next month. The performance was hot and on point. It was more than spectacular. Check it out below.

I just felt odd watching the little girl in a damn hospital room with tubes up her nose introduce this song. Just to see her poppin that cooch all and shakin' those hips all over the camera while the bottom of the screen says "donate" and "fight md" just sends the wrong message.

But I guess any performance is better than no performance right? Other than that, everything about this was great! I loved her dancing and dancers. I loved her energy and facial expressions. It was like she knew that she was hot and getting it! What did you think of the performance?