Christina Aguilera Premieres "Your Body" Music Video / by

Christina Aguilera takes it vintage with the release of her new video for "Your Body". The cut is the first single lifted from her upcoming album "Lotus" which will be released this Winter. The song has managed to only debuted at #34 on Billboard's Hot 100 & is also stalling at #42 on the iTunes chart.

Some comeback...The vintage video was directed by Melina Matsoukas and Christina play the bad ass, car exploding, self assured woman who walks the walk and talk the talk. The video premiered on her VEVO channel just minutes ago. Check it out here.

While I'm not fan of her....or the song for that matter, I found the video quite entertaining. I love the focus on the color pink. I guess this is her thing this time around. The was the pink explosion, the pink hair, the pink pick up truck and the pink hotel. Hell, even her iTunes logo is pink.

I also like the blood visuals. The blue paint and the red confetti was awesome. She was really a bad ass. She killed about three different guys who thought they we're gonna get some of that washed up vagina. You know how they say, when you watch some videos, it makes you like the song more? Well, not in this case.

Because I love the theme of the video, I'd watch it again, but I absolutely HATE the song. She's doing too much. Her voice is all over the place, and she's screaming at the top of her lungs like always. People say it's her signature style, well her ass needs to find a new one because it gets on my nerve.

It's ear piercing and now my god damn ears are ringing. Brittney Spears and I had the same reaction when we first heard the song together.

It's clear as day as to why this song didn't debut high or straight to #1 like others, because it's not hot. Hell it didn't even make the top 10 on iTunes...and never will. She needs to take notes from Ke$ha and Rihanna....hell over even Taylor Swift. All three of them released new songs within this week and are battling out to see who will be on top.

And where is Christina? At the bottom of the food chain hoping that she becomes relevant this time around...maybe she should stick with "The Voice"...