Fresh Music: Alicia Keys - "Girl On Fire" (3 Versions) / by

The time has come. Alicia Keys is doing things bigger than life right now. Today, not only did she premiere her official single "Girl On Fire", but she also dropped the official mixes from to the lead song which leads her new album of the same name.

Nicki Minaj is featured on the "Inferno" version while Keys dominates the "Blue Light" version on her own with a slower tempo and rearranged vocals.The songs come days before her MTV Video Music Awards performance and it looks like she will slay the stage with these vocals. Listen to all three tracks after the break.

Girl On Fire (Official)

Girl On Fire (Inferno)

Girl On Fire (Blue Light)

Loved it! She was belting out those lyrics. I absolutely love it. Though, I think it's typical Alicia Keys. A powerful piano lead ballad with her vocals all over it screams A.Keys. But I can alread hear the naysayers comlaining about her doing the same stuff and sounding the same, but hey it works for her.

The Nicki Minaj assisted "Inferno" version adds pissazz to the song. Nicki just spits like she always does. Though it sounded like the each recorded their parts separately and didn't actually work with oe another. I wonder if they'll give it the video treatment?

The "Blue Light" version, meh...I can hardly tell the difference between that and the regular one. What do you think about the tracks? Which do you like most?