Fresh Music: Ke$ha - "Die Young" / by

The poppy trash pumpkin Ke$ha is back in action. Her new single "Die Young" has premiered and I suggest you listen to it before it's ripped away from the net. The track is lifted from her upcoming album "Warrior" which is due out in December.

Give it a go and vote below and peep the official album cover.

Is it just me or does this sound like a left over from "Animal"? I thought she was going to give us some singing, more personal sides of herself this time around? This isn't personal. It's just as messy (in a good way) as the previous efforts. I'm don't dislike the song because it is a catchy one.

But I'm highly disappointed because I was expecting a more stellar and epic return. As you can see "She still got that glitter on her eye" and all over her damn comic book looking album cover. What do you htink about the track?