Fresh Music: Leona Lewis - "Stop the Clocks" & "Glassheart" / by

With her album, "Glassheart", less than one month away, Leona Lewis is keeping her mojo flowing with her music. This song "Stop the Clocks" will be featured on the album which hits stores October 15th in the United Kingdom.

The song was written by the talented Emeli Sande who also co-wrote her hit "Trouble" which features Childish Gambino and serves as the projects lead single. Below, you can also take a listen to a previous released song called "Glassheart".

"Stop the Clocks"


Leona is doing it big. IT sounds like the is shaping up to be another great album. I can dig the mid-tempo "Stop the Clocks". It's typical Leona Lewis, that's the sound that I fell in love with. Now this song "Glassheart" is VERY different for her...and I also like it.

Her previous dance efforts like "Outta My Head" was just like not cutting it in my book. It was like an off the way dance track given to hear to test her euro-pop waters. Then she moved on to "Collide" which faired much better on my ears because it sounded like she was finding her niche with her own sound for the euro-pop.

Now there's this, which she absolutely NAILED. Her sound flows smoothly with the dub-step production. She found a sound that works for her. So Yes, I can dig it! Lets go Leona Lewis. I hope a U.S. release date is announced pretty soon. What do you think about the songs?