Fresh Music: Missy Elliott - "9th Inning" & "Triple Threat" (feat. Timbaland) / by

The wait is finally over. Hip-Hop heavy weight Missy Elliott has made her return to the music game. After announcing her return with two new singles, they each saw their premiere yesterday. They both are lifted from her long awaited album "The Block Party" which was been delayed year after year.

The entire album is being helmed by Timbaland who is also featured on both of these singles. They are called "Triple Threat" and "9th Inning". Listen to the dynamic duo embark on their return to the music game below.

"Triple Threat" is just a bass heavy, Missy flowing anthem. The beat is just sickening! Her flow is better than ever and she did the damn thing. It's like  she's coming back full force. Timbaland sounds like he's experimenting with a few different sounds and they work for the track.

"9th Inning" is pretty much an "I'm back" anthem. Missy raps about how she's back in the game and pretty much never left it.Watch out now. It sounds like they're taking shots at a lot of folks in the game. There aren't any names specifically thrown, but you hear things like Every time I spit rhymes it's a sick flow, you newcomers better sit back and take note.." & "Im the real deal, yall pretendin'...."

She's not playing with you fools! She's back and it sounds like she means business!! What do you think about the new tracks? Vote and comment below.