Fresh Music: Nicki Minaj - "The Boys" (feat. Cassie) / by

Nicki Minaj promised that her new single "The Boys" was dropping soon. That it did, yesterday to be exact. This is said to be the first single from the new album "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up" which is due out this November.

The project will feature five to eight brand new songs and this is one of them. It features starving artist Cassie who can't seem to figure out her life. So it looks as if it's up to Nicki to bring her back into the music scene the right way. Give the track a go below.

Hmmmm, not bad. It sounds great. Cassie adds a nice touch to the track and that's shocking for me. I wonder who in the hell paired them together, how did it even come about. Cassie probably begged for this. She got on her dirty knees and asked Jebus to send Nicki knocking to ask for one her of her songs to use...and this happened. I'm sure Diddy will help push the hell out of this video.

If this song sees success, I'm almost positive Cassie will receive the go ahead with the new album and more singles, you know the drill. What do you think about the song? Will it see success and help Cassie  thrive her music carrer?