Jennifer Hudson & Oprah Talk Family Murders, Weight Loss & More / by

If you missed Sunday's Episode of Oprah's next Chapter with Jennifer Hudson then you an catch the episode right here. The Grammy award winning singer invited Oprah into her home in Chicago where the two opened up about her life as a star, her marriage to wrestler David Otunga, weight loss and more.

In the interview, we heard from David himself and was also joined by Julia Hudson during the segment of talking about the family murders that happened over four years ago. That's where things got emotional and the tears started to flow. Watch the interview below.

Great interview. I absolutely love Jennifer Hudson. Being from Chicago, I recognized the view from her apartment and I know exactly where she lives. It's great to see that they are all doing well after four long years. I didn't even know about her having a fashion line. The Jennifer Hudson better watch out Dereon!

I've been reading about the flack that Julia has received for appearing on the show the way she did, and all I have to say that you people are monsters. She told Oprah herself why she doesn't look like Jennifer (weight wise) and that she knows how to lose it when she wants to.

Get off her, and leave her alone. She's comfortable with how she looks and that's all that matters. All in all, it was a good interview, at times I felt that Oprah was rudely interrupting Jennifer and cutting her off. Also, I felt that she was pushing it deeper with the questions.

It's like she would ask a question and drive deeper for details, knowing that it's a question that's hard to answer the first time...but that's what she does. I would've put her ass out of my apartment.