Ke$ha Reveals "Die Young" Cover + Preview / by

Ke$ha ruled the charts back in 2010 with her hit song "TiK ToK" and 2011 with "Blah Blah Blah" and "We Are Who We Are". Well I told you about a week ago that she was ready to make her return to the music scene by announcing her brand new single "Die Young" which was produced by Dr. Luke.

The song will see a release in a matter of days. Above is the official art work for the single and yesterday a preview of the song hit the net. It featured her in Tokyo on one of the public transportation trains singing her out very randomly and loudly. Check it out below.


The cover looks great. It looks like she has got her body together over the past year. Either that or someone worked wonders with photo shop. As for the little clip above, I have to wait to hear it in full, along with some music before I cast judgement.