Pooch Hall is Back in "The Game" / by

A few months back, reports surfaced that Pooch Hall wouldn't be reprising his role for season six of the hit BET show The Game. Neither Tia Mowry for that matter, and they were both the stars of the show. Things we're mum, no one talked about it much and no reason was given why. We've since learned of replacement characters as well.

Well now, it looks like Derwin Davis is back in the game. Pooch paid a visit to 106th & Park where he set the record straight and confirmed to the world the he will indeed be making a return to the new season as Derwin Davis. He made it clear that he wasn't not fired, nor did he walk off the show. He simply said his contract was up. But things are looking good. Peep the clip below.


Where's the hallejuah chorus when you need them? This is exciting news! Now, I'm sure that this was the same case with Tia Mowry. Her contract simply ended and it probably wasn't renewed. But I do hope that she will at least be a guest star. Now that Pooch will be returning, this will make me want to watch it again. #TeamDerwin!