Rihanna & A$AP Rocky Perform at the MTV VMAS / by

Rihanna opened tonight's ceremony at the MTV Video Music Awards with the performances of "Cockiness" which featured rapper A$AP Rocky, as well as her number one hit "We Found Love" with Calvin Harris.

The dance packed performance was full of life with Rihanna moving and grooving to the beat. Her partner in crime planted a kiss on her cheek and grabbed a hand full of a$$. She also ventured through the crowd during her performance of "...Love". Check out the performance below.

This was hot. Even though she was as stiff as a branch on a tree during a dry summer day....it was hot. Her backup dancers make all of her performances come to life. All of the lights, the commotion, the balloons, the confetti and the features...it all takes the viewer's mind away from the fact that Rihanna doesn't bring much to the table when performing alone....but this, it was good.

I also can't get over the fact the A$AP grabbed her booty like that. Actually, he did more than grab it, he was piratically fingering her. His fingers were all up her crack and around the corner.

Maybe you need to see it from a different angle.....

Still don't see it? Then lets get a close up!

He has a nice, good and firm grip on it! Smh... you can see her booty hole print. It looks all big and gaping. What did you think about the performance.