Tulisa unveils album artwork + defends the flop of 'Live It Up' / by

 Primark value Tulisa presses ahead with her quest to be a solo superstar by releasing the atrociously sub-standard artwork for her solo debut simply entitled, Tulisa.

Words have failed me to be honest because I frankly don't even know where to start with this shambles of an album cover. The self-proclaimed 'Female Boss' couldn't even find a sufficient enough album designer to place her name across her body as opposed to behind it. For we all know that name could be Tamia, Tanya or even Tesco.

 After all Tesco Value perfectly exemplifies the quality of the music.
And last but certainly not least she is genuinely trying way too hard to come across as the second coming of Cheryl Cole (as if the original was so significant). Everything from the suggestive pose to the brunette locks just screams everything that is indeed the talentless Geordie.
The X-Factor judge has also made headlines this week for coming out with the severely foolish claim she made about the under-performance of her horrid Tyga-assisted new single, 'Live It Up'.

"I said I don't know if it will even get into the top ten,With that single it was strategic to sell the album. I'm not trying to get a number one with this one."I know it's urban. I know that it's probably not going to chart high. I want to show a different side to the album. For me it's a bigger picture."
Strategic? Really? Being strategic implies that you and your label will make the sharp and clever choices required to ensure that the album performs well.
What kind of album campaign strategy involves the releasing of a single you have little to no faith in going to the top 10 with. It's not like her album is going to be credible enough to sell well regardless of the chart positions of singles like Rebecca Ferguson. Tulisa's music is as generic and common as the rest of mainstream music being produced today so she without a doubt relies on formidable chart placements.
So Tulisa, I ask of you that you please relinquish your dishonesty and just accept that the single flopped (and deservedly so) because the song was just appalling.