Usher Talks Marriage, Divorce, Cheating and More With Oprah / by

Usher had a nice long sit down with Oprah on her "Next Chapter" show. It was the singers first and last time addressing his personal life openly with the world. He recently won a long three year custody battle against his ex-wife Tameka Foster and decided to let the big O invade his mind.

Inside they chat about a wide range of topics including his career of course, the marriage, the public hatred, the fall out with his mother and the demise of his marriage. She also bombarded him with question that he dodged directly answering such as the infidelity rumors.

Later, the two we're joined by his mother where she gave her side of the story about the decisions she and Usher made throughout his time in the industry. It was a very in depth interview, though I do feel that I didn't witness a genuine Usher. Check it out below.

I wonder if Oprah will reach out to Tameka for an interview so she can give her side. I mean, it's only fair. I honestly think that her side of the story even score more ratings than Usher's. She's tried to paint him to be the bad guy but the public has already gave her that title and the world would love to see and hear what she has to say.

I know I would. I just felt that Usher was holding back. He didn't give me all that I wanted to know. I mean, I wasn't following their custody battle, I didn't post about it because I didn't really care. Now that it's over and done with I would like a recap as to what went down and why, but he was rather reserved and a bit corny. Those jokes we're not a hit.

So would you like to see a Tameka Foster interview after hearing Usher's side of the story? I know I would.