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The second episode of The X-Factor aired just a day after the premiere. Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid took to a few more cities to search for more hopefuls. They encountered some more great talents, and more not so great.

Instead of me doing a full recap like I did, last time, I'm just going to post the show in full and point out    a few of the highlights that I thought we're interesting. This was another great episode and I can't wait to see some of the contestants in action. Check out the episode below.

Great episode. Johnny Maxwell, he looked like he was going to be great when I first layed eyes on him. He wowed me and I was just rocking out along to his song. I can already see an album in the works. The girls will fall in love with him. He's just as cute a a button. Britney Spears thought so as well.

 He had great energy, he used to much of it that his lips we're quivering once he finished. I also have to point out the fact that the producers had a Nicki Minaj instrumental playing while Simon was giving his feedback to Johnny. I found it funny now that she's apart of the Idol team.

Next up was Lexa Burman.....The look on Demi & Britney's face were priceless when she came out...

If only I could read their minds. Simon said that she's "Jersey Shore meets the Kardashians" and that he liked it. It's always the cocky and extremely confident ones that gets the "no" and sent home packing because that's what her ass got. I mean, I didn't think she was half bad. Britney had the nerve to call her monotone. I had to double take and asked had Britney ever heard one of her own songs. But needless to say, I'm sure if her attitude was a bit different then she would have made it through. She should work on that.

This next segment was full of nothing but no' was quite boring until a guy came out and TRIED to destroy a Whitney Houston song. But Britney put a quick stop to that and I damn near died!!

This guy tried to sing "I Have Nothing" and he couldn't even get through 3 bars before Britney raised her hand to cut him off...

And she says....

 "You can't destroy that song sweety"....I died!!!! His ass took stage left. She burned him good!

Next up was Jason Brock who said that if Britney Spears was hungry, he would fill her up with talent. And he did just that. I will admit that I thought he was going to be a hot ass mess because he was one of those to brag and be cocky, but this guy had the talent to back it up.

He OWNED the stage. His performance was so good and no one was expecting it to be. He wowed everyone, including me because I just knew he was a joke. But he fooled the hell out of me. The judges gave him a standing ovation.

I can't wait to see what will be done to him in the season. Four yeses passed him onto the next round.

So next on the lest is weirdo Patrick Ford who thinks he's Britney Spears' sister. He said he thought about getting a wig so that he could look like her.

He also said that meeting Britney Spears is like meeting God. The girl he was talking to looked at him like..

He's a creeper. He brought her flowers. He said if he wins, he would buy a nice house, a nice car, and have a nice girlfriend name Britney Spears. When he said the flower were for her....

The auditon was atrocioius! Simon described it as him getting into a drunk argument with Brtiney Spears and then screaming it at her! Demi didn't make it any better by just laughing up a storm in the man's face. I love how the producers painted him out to be this physoctic, delusion stan of Britney's. The music is PRICELESS! Especially after they told him no. He looked at bit deranged. That was the highlight of the show!

Next up was 13-year old Carly Rose Sonenclar who blew everyone away. So small, younger and tender but with a voice that could slay your favz.

She did the damn thing. She won over the audience, the contestant holding room AND all four judges. It's rare that Simon gives a standing o, but he did for her and it was well deserved. Sge's moving on to the next round.

That concluded episode 2. Join me when the next show airs. I'll give another recap! Hopefully you enjoyed! Next round of auditions look a bit spicy and I can't wait to see them.