X-Factor Season 2 Premiere: Recap / by

Last night saw the premiere of the second season of the X-Factor. The night was filled with awesome and awful auditions and also the world saw pop superstars Britney Spears and Demi Lovato make their judging debuts. Sitting along side Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid, the two definitely held their own.

The show kicked off with great introduction and appearances making it's big and primary focus on miss Spears. She was the star. This will be a recap of the premiere and there will be more to come as I'm officially tuning in for the second season.

Below you can check out some of the good and the bad audition as well as comments that were off the wall from the judges and contestants. Just be sure to tune in next week, if not, I'll have a recap here waiting for you. I'll follow the season from start to finish.
The show opened strong with 21 year old Paige Thomas who had an edgy look and performed on of Mary J. Blige's classic hits "I'm Going Down". She set the stage on fire and wowed the judges. Her story was also moving.

Britney Spears: Called her bright, beautiful and flawless. 
Demi Lovato: Declared her a Superstar! 
L.A. Reid: Loved her and compared her to Rihanna. 
Simon Cowell: Said she was his favorite audition to date

She got yes all across the board. It's funny that L.A. compared her to Rihanna because she does. The look and the hair. The only difference is that this girl can SANG!!! Loved her and I can't wait to see what happens with her on the show. I'm sure she will progress just fine.

Next up was Shawn Armetna, a 50 year old hopeful aspiring singer who sang his own material titled "Candy Girl". This guy was a joke, but he sure put the judges in their place. He told Demi Lovato that he doesn't need to use auto-tune when he sings...BUURRN. Check it out below.

Britney Spears: Asked who let him on stage and him staring at her made her uncomfortable. 
Demi Lovateo: "A lot of people work hard for their dreams but it's not meant for everyone." 
Simon Cowell: "You're like a mouse trying to be an elephant, it's just wrong."

He thought he was awesome....and so does the little man in his head that's telling him to keep on going. Get real. He obviously can't take criticism well, because he just lashed out at the judges. I damn near DIED when he put Demi in her place...and so dd Simon. He almost spat out that Pepsi that was widely advertised through the premiere. But Britney checked him.. She came to Demi's defense and asked him how did he get on stage and that she was uncomfortable with him staring at her. That's what I call team work.

Of course in-between auditions we're various clips of FAILED auditions which centered around Britney Spears being deemed the "bitch" of the show. She turned away numberous of hopefuls by simply saying "no" and bodly voicing her opinions about the terrible siingers. It was quite funny. The clip ended with "It's Britney Bitch" from her "Gimme More" song.

Next up, was the Justin Bieber look alike Reed Dennings, a 13 year-old singing hopeful who said that he would crawl on broken glass for the $5 million recording contract. He got lucky and was able to audition twice because Simon interrupted his first song and said that his voice wasn't strong enough. But after performing Bruno Mars' "Grenade", he passed through. Check it out below.

Britney Spears: "You're compltetely and utterly adorable." 
Demi Lovato: "Your stage presence just shines." 
Simon Cowell: "I think we could be looking at a future pop star with you." 
L.A. Reid: Compared him to Justin Bieber.

He was good. I actually think that he sounds a lot better than Justin Bieber. MY advice to him would be to lost the hair and bangs if you don't want to be compared to him. He's only 13 so he has a lot of work to do to progress in the competition.

Next up was the molded bitch of the show Kaci Newton, who just knew she was the X-Factor. She deemed herself a mixture of Adele and Carrie Underwood...as far as talent goes. She was shown throughout the show until she got her "no" from the judges. She had a little moment with the first contestant Paige Thomas and her daughter.

During Paige's audition, she is seen giving looks and making comments. Too bad she didn't wow he judges, nor did she wow me. Her voice wasn't all that bad, but the attitude that she had made it terrible to watch. You take a look and see if she's a mixture of Carrie Underwood and Adele with her version of Katy Perry's "Firework".

Simon Cowell: "It sounded like you were dying. If you were dying and suffering and singing, that is what you would sound like." 

I kind of felt bad for her. She got her feelings handed to her in a greasy brown paper bag. It sounded as if she could actually sing, but she was obviously nervous and her voice was pretty shaky. She took it upon herself to sing another song and it was just as bad. Her sister looked on proudly and she probably heard an heavenly angel singing. Too bad, so sad.

Now here was the shocker for me. This next audition made me head turn sideways. Quatrele Da'An Smith was next on the list with his hair extensions, bridal attire and bright popping pink lipstick. I honestly thought it was a joke, but the judges thought he was entertaining and passed him through...all except for L.A. Reid. Watch as he performed Lady Gaga's "Born This Way".

Britney Spears: "You were off key a little bit, but for the most part you were really entertaining."  
Demi Lovato: "Oh my god, I love you! [laughs] And I love your lipstick!" 
Simon Cowell: "If you can imagine Madonna, Bobby Brown and Dracula having a child, it would be you. But in a weird way, I quite liked you [laughs]" 
L.A. Reid: Just had to say no!

The all said yes, except for L.A. Reid and it took me by surprise. I couldn't believe it. We all know that he won't win the competition, so why waste a good slot? I will admit that he was quite entertaining, but come on...I guess we'll wait to see where his fate on the show lies..I mean, there's only so many gay songs one can perform.

Next up was  the ex-boy-band member Vincent Thomas and trio Emblem 3. Vincent kicked things off by introducing himself to the guys and giving "advice". He told them that he performed in front of 60,000 people and went on various tours and telling them to give it their all and blah blah blah. He was only 22 years old and came off as 45. He was talking to them like he's had sooo much experience only to get on stage and bomb his audition while performing "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word".

Simon Cowell: "There are boy bands and there's always a member who couldn't sing....that's you."

I didn't think he sounded bad, but he was a bit boring to watch. The judges agreed. Then next up was the group Emblem 3. I refuse to call them a boy band because they said that they aren't one. These three hotties wowed the crowd and judges while performing their original song (which will soon be a hit) "California Boulevard".

Britney Spears: "I find it interesting, I fond you guys very funky and your voices we're smooth. 
Demi Lovato: "I think you guys are so cute!  
Simon Cowell: "I predict big things for you going forward." 
L.A. Reid: "You know what, I don't like you.....I love you."

Now they were awesome!!! L.A. Reid was just getting it! All of the judges loved them and so did the crowd. They will blow up pretty soon.

Next up was Don Phillip, a guy who had a history with Britney Spears. He recorded music with her about 10 years ago and became very emotional when he saw her for the first time, in such a very long time. He obviously had some struggles in the past. I was also edited out of the show that he revealed that he was gay to the audience. That is why he cried on stage and that's why he felt it wasn't worthy of singing...because of his sexuality.

This was a contestant who I felt should have advanced to the next round as he took on a cover of Beyoncé's "Halo". But the judges didn't seem to agree with me. They all voted no and it really ticked me off.

Britney Spears: "Through the years, I can tell you've had a lot of hardships and battles. Your voice isn't up to the bar and standards of the X-Factor." 
Simon Cowell: "I just have to give you the honest truth. The problem you have...you don't have a good singing voice.

I didn't think he was bad, not at all. He reminded me of Chris Renee who was on the show last season. Their vocals sound alike. I loved his version, I loved his sound and I loved his voice. The judges all looked as if he was awful and he was not. They passed the Dracula hybrid, but not him. It made me sad. I thought he did a phenomenal job. I hope he doesn't give up on his singing career.

Next up was Jannel Garcia who shocked the judges and me. When I first saw her, I thought oh look at this Rebecca Black wanna be! The 18 year old impressed with a performance of "If I was from Paris". Check her out below.

Britney Spears: "I was not expecting that. That was absolutely incredible. That was amazing." 
Demi Lovato: You have such a cute face, you're really likable. 
Simon Cowell: "You are what's missing on the pop charts." 
L.A. Reid: "I am so feeling you."

Yup. She wowed me. I judged her well before she sang. She tuned up her Sasha Fierce and put on a show. She was feeling herself! I'm sure we'll see a lot more of her.

Last up was the 19 year old Jillian Jensen who was by far, the BEST performer of the night. Her entire story and segment was moving. The bullying, the connection with Demi Lovato and the tattoo, I almost had a tear or two fall from my eye.  I was rooting for her when I saw the leopard print leggings. After hearing her back story before she starting singing, I knew that she was going to nail it. (see my tweets) She sang and performed with such raw emotion that it gave me chills. Her voice was so raspy and oh so different. She will DEFINITELY be a star within the show. So far, she's my favorite and has my vote.

Britney Spears: "You're incredibly gifted" 
Demi Lovato: She left her seat to give her a big hug. "When you sang, you broke my heart. The fact that you have the ability to stand on stage and sing while crying is brave." 
Simon: I thought that was incredible, it was sung with so much pain. You're incredible." 
L.A. Reid: I've never seen anyone pour their pain and emotion into a song the way that you did EVER!"

Demi Lovato was moved to tears, and so were the other millions watching from home. The Leona Lewis "Footprints in the Sand" playing in the background made the crying come easier than the story itself  She received a standing ovation from the judges, the audience even from the contestants in the holding room. A star was definitely born.

It appears that this show is full of surprises and will continue to be throughout the season. Next week will be round two of auditions and sources say that if we thought the premiere was shocking, then we haven't seen anything yet. The will be more of Bitchy Britney and refreshing Demi Lovato. I hope you enjoyed this recap. Tune in next week so I won't have to take another 2½ hours out of my life to type up something like this ever again....