Beyoncé's Surprise Performance at the Barclay's Center / by

Beyoncé was a special guest at the Jay-Z headlined festival at the Barclay's Center last night in New York. The diva was introduced by her hubby and walked on stage like the boss that she is. She gave performances of her songs "Diva" and "Crazy in Love" while dressed in leather.

She also performed Jay's hit "Forever Young". While doing "Crazy in Love" Jay was so stuck on watching the screen that he missed his cue to come and rap his part. Beyonce kept it cute and professional and rapped a bit of the verse cuing him to get his ass out there.

 Some say that this performance was lackluster and a bit rough, or not the best from the singer, but I didn't think it was all that bad. Granted she was out of breath here and there, but it was a typical Beyoncé performance for me. Watch below.

“I f***ed up a little there. I was watching the monitor in the back, caught in a daze, like, whoa… ‘Oh shit I should be rapping here!’” (Jay on missing his cue)

It was hilarious that he almost missed it. But I thought the performances were alright. I the only thing that I noticed was the shortness of breath. But come on. She hasn't been touring and performing or working out daily for that matter. She wasn't in performance mode.

 People are throwing shade at this performance when they should be throwing it at bitches who can't perform and never will get the chance to hit up the Barclay Center stage. The fact is that Beyoncé isn't 22 anymore. "Crazy in Love" is nearly 10 years old. Cut her some slack.

It wasn't a bad performance at all. She put on a show and the crowd loved it. They also love the fact that they're show more affection. I practically heard her booty pop as he smacked it before leaving the stage. What did you think about the performances? We're the lackluster or did you like them?