BLAST from the PAST | Allure, Monica & Ginuwine / by

Time for a BLAST from the PAST. This one is from the late 90's features girl group Allure, the one and only Monica and the ladies man Ginuwine. All three of these songs are of course R&B hits which were bigger than life in the late 90's.

I could remember staying up late just to catch these on BET's Midnight Love show. Each of these songs topped some type of chart when it was released and they are a few of my absolute favorite songs. "All Cried Out" by Allure, "Angel of Mine" by Monica, & "Tell Me Do You Wanna" by Ginuwine. Check it all out below.

This song is a classic in my eyes.This song was a remake of the 1986 classic sang by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam. Ten years later,  Allure and 112 who both collaborated on the remake of "All Cried Out". Both versions were hits. The original managed to make it to #8 on Billboard's Hot 100 back in 1986 while Allure's version cracked up to #4 on the same chart. When I watch the video, it brings back nothing but good childhood memories because this song was played heavily in my household. This was their biggest single to this date. A lot of people think that this was it for them, but not quite. This single was featured on their first album and the group has went on to release three more album after. The latest one being in 2010 called "Time's Up" via Amazon and iTunes in a digital format. Those previous efforts weren't successful but the girls continued to do music throughout the pas decade which is pretty cool. Check out the video below.

Now who could forget this simple, yet flawless video from Monica? This entire era just slayed. I was all over her during "The Boy is Mine". This song was, and still is, one of my absolute favorites. I can listen to the song any day and watch the video any matter how many times. I didn't really understand the concept of videos back then so I used to ask my mom "why does she keep getting up our of the bed, and then the next second she's laying down, and then she's up is she doing that?" Also, the world thought that her and Tyrese we're dating when this video came out. That's all you heard about, back then, rumors we're a lot easier to start. You know you thought it too. The video was just so effortless. She looked so relaxed and homely in the video. Also she was very pretty (and still is). I used to claim her all the time in school. Needless to say, the song shot straight to the top of Billboard's Hot 100 making it third consecutive #1 single on the chart. It was also her last. Relive the moment below.

One thing that I always wondered was what was the deal with the knock at the door at the very end? She should answer that question during an interview or something. I also found this very interesting..

Do you see how similar those backgrounds are? I don't know why I felt the need to point it out. I just thought I was interesting. When I was watching Monica's video and saw this scene I was like I've seen this somewhere recently...then I remembered my Alicia Keys post for the "Girl on Fire" video....interesting.

Last but not least was the ladies man and every gay man's dream Ginuwine. Every girl and lady I knew went head over heels for this guy...and this video didn't make it any better. Now that I'm older and understand a little bit more, I now know what one girl I went to school with meant when she said that her mom gets "Wet" when she watches this. My dumb ass thought she was sweaty or someone threw water on her which is why she was wet. But clearly that wasn't the case. I was in thrid grade when the girl said it, so I'm sure she was repeating something her mom said. But anywho, this video was just too damn silky and sexy. I remember every men (that I knew at least) wanted to rock some silky pajamas. But no one could pull it off like Ginuwine did. This song however didn't manage to make it on anyone's charts, but it did make it to the top of "Rachal's Top 20  Countdown". Remember that show? Gosh it was so long ago, but anyway. Check out the video below.

What ever happened to performances like this? No one does it like this anymore. NOr do t hey SOUND like this....


One day, this type of music will be popular again...until then, enjoy this BLAST from the PAST!