Ciara Talks New Music, Past Relationships, Her Legacy & More with Necole Bictchie / by

Ciara recently sat down with blogging groupie Necole Bitchie and gave her an exclusive interview. The two of the chatted about a number of things ranging from her personal life all the way to giving advice in the music industry....nothing about the new album or anything.

Instead, we find out more about Ciara's look on love, relationships, how she feels about her ex boyfriends and not losing herself in the crazy industry. It's always fin watching Ciara talk on things because she tell is all by not really saying anything. Check out the two part interview below.

Very interesting. You can call me a hater if you want, but I felt that this interview was kind of pointless. Nothing against Ciara or anything, I always love to see her. But Necole could have centered this around her new music and her new album since it is coming out like next month. But instead she tried to focus on the gossip life.

I mean, it's okay I guess, but i was hoping for less questions about her love life and more questions about her album, the music, and the new direction that she's going. They only spent the first few minutes talking about "Sorry" and "Got Me Good"....and that was it. Necole should take a few pointers from me because no one cares about who she dated and why.

We care about her career and if she will succeed this time around, who produced on the album, who wrote tracks, any special features or guest surprises. But I guess I'll give her an E for effort. Her next interview with an artist should focus around their upcoming project and not the personal life. What did you think about the interview.