Ciara's New Single Cover + New Video Preview / by

It looks like Ciara is pushing forward with a new single after the hot R&B track "Sorry" failed to crack any charts on Billboard. The singer is releasing her new single "Got Me Good" within the next few days and has revealed the official cover for it. Both tracks will be featured on her upcoming album "One Woman Army" due out in December.

She also released the sneak peek for the visual which features she storming the desert and getting her dance on. The track is a very up-tempo one and it looks like this is what fans have been asking for. Check out the clip below.

This video looks like it will be a scorcher. She looks super good! Though, I think this video would be a lot hotter if she had a well known face dancing on her instead of this hooded kid. She could have used Usher, Chris Brown or Omarion to stir up some anticipation for the video. I'm not saying that she can't do it alone, but I just think she needs something that will make people WANT to anticipate it.

The song itself sounds really good. I hope something gets her back to the charts. I knew "Sorry" wasn't gonna do it, but it could have. She needs to perform and promote her music. Sorry was released last month and she performed it only once, and that was in Africa. It boggled my mind. Now she's moving on to the second single while the first single didn't have a chance.

I think if an R&B song is promoted right, it can do wonders. Look at Miguel's "Adorn", he's damn near in the top 20 on Billboard's Hot 100 and Brandy's "Put it Down" was in the top 10 on the R&B Charts. So it's possible to make moves happen, work just has to be put into it and I don't think work was put into "Sorry"...just my opinion.