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Do you know what a starving artist is? It is one that is artistic but can't catch a break. So they eventually fall flat on their fat faces with no where else to turn to. Weather is singing, dancing, acting, painting, whispering into the microphone or whatever you may call it but they can't succeed like they once did. So of course this will be filled with mega shade towards some of your favz.

Some of these starving artists do other things to get by, some just keep on trying and always epically fail while doing so. In this segment of "Dissecting", you will see 10 artists that I feel should give up on life because they will never EVER see success, they're used and washed up or it could be because I simply dislike them. These people should try out other gigs, or simply throw in the damn towel.

I've also took the time to reach out to a few other blogging friends that I have all over the world to contribute to this article. They were kind enough to submit a list as well. So not only will you see witness my shade, you'll see theirs too. We threw out so much shade that the sun just gave up on shining. I hope you enjoy, but I'm sure most of you will not. Without further ado...

Cassie is first on my list. She hasn't seen a hit since God said let there be light! She has been trying so hard, almost each and every year but can't catch a break. It's like she wants to be this pop star so bad but she can't because we simply don't want her to be one. She needs to go back to doing what she was great at...modeling. Cassie is a very pretty girl and knows how to work the camera. She can give you shot after shot of glamor and high fashion, but the bitch can't carry a tune if her life depended on it. So I think she should throw in the towel, raise the white flag, surrender and call it quits with this singing career.

Next on my hit list is Little Bow Wow...or what ever her goes by now-a-days. Here's my problem with him, he wishes to stay relevant! No one is checking for his music. Who ever is, needs to be shot and run over by a dusty ass pick-up truck because it's not hot. The man can't even keep up with the IRS. That's how bad he's hurting. He's thirsty for that fame he once had when he was an itty bitty piggy in the market. I remember when he blamed Columbia Records for the failure of his albums and the lack of promotion. I was like, no bitch, don't blame them. We're just not checking for you anymore. The little girls that liked you when they were kids are all grown up and ratchet now. They're not buying albums, they're out having thousands of babies by many men. They're not in school anymore writing you names on they're notebook. Get over yourself. He does a great job with acting. Maybe he should stick to movies. He could be the next Will Smith and be nominated for Academy Awards. All he needs to do is sit his ass down somewhere and get an acting agent. If he doesn't do that then Bow Wow needs to throw in the towel, raise the white flag, surrender and call it quits because his rapping career no longer relevant.

Moving along to Ashanti A.K.A. Thunder Thighs. You know my beef with her. Home girl blocked me from her Twitter page because I told the truth about her failing and fading career in my Dissecting Ashanti Post and many others. Of course the three fans she does have came to her defense and attacked me on Twitter, but I digress... This chick is hurting so bad, that her album has been pushed back IN DEFINITELY. Every site you go to shows a release date of January 2013, but I'm sure it won't happen. She dropped her single "The Woman You Love" nearly a year ago and it flopped harder than Beyoncé did when she fell down the stairs. Then after that, we got an album push back. That didn't stop her from going on show after show performing that whack track. Then she dropped the video and the cheap & tacky cover; looking like she was sipping on a blue icy cup for her entire life. Then she got another push back, then the 2nd single came out. Then there was another album push back. Then it was announced that she was the new Fuse News host and I couldn't help but applaud her because she figured that music wasn't happening for her at the moment. Now she's released another song with R.Kelly, which in my opinion isn't all that. So she took my advice and had a seat. It looks like she's thrown in the towel, rose the white flag, surrendered an called it quits...for now. Lets see how much longer it lasts.

It's only appropriate to dog out the boyfriend right after his girlfriend. So I'm about to dig into Nelly's non-existent career. So, I like Nelly but I have to be real, he's not hot anymore. I over heard someone say that rappers are becoming less successful as the years fly by. I interjected and said that's not true. There's Drake, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Diddy, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Dr. Dre and so many other rappers that we're doing it big 10-15 years ago and are still heavyweights in the game. Hell, even Nicki Minaj is a good example. But I already know why and how Nelly's career took a hit. It was all when he started dating Ashanti. She's like the bubonic plague. Ever since they started dating, which was in 2002-2003 and when Nelly had the last worldwide success with Kelly Rowland, it's been downhill. He did make a small comeback with "Grillz" but it was short lived. Now Nelly is attempting album number seven with "Marry Go Round" as it's leading single...or was the lead single. But that was a hot mess. It was such a hot mess that it was birthed and never heard of again. He and Chris Brown did a video and thought it was hot shit but it wasn't. So, in a failed attempted to score another hit, he fell short. He looks good, maybe he could be an underwear model or something. He would make a lot of money in the Gay world. They love him and his body. If Nelly doesn't switch it up quick, he will be just another starving artist that needs to throw in the towel, raise the white flag, surrender and call it quits.

Up next is mixtape queen Teairra Mari. This is one hustling bitch. She's another one that hasn't seen success...EVER actually. She's never scored a number hit on anyone's chart nor has she had the chance to have her own tour, she hasn't had big major performances, never won an award or anything. I think the biggest performance of her career was when she Rihanna and Ameriie did a tribute to Destiny's Child on an awards show. Correct me if I'm wrong. She's a reader of this blog and my tweets when it's about her so I'm sure she will possibly correct me. She was the original princess of Roc-a-fella Records. Then she was cut loose like a bad piece of meat and replaced with Rihanna. She denies it to this day, but I can see right through her like she's bathing in windex. So after that whole fiasco, home girl released like 47 mixtapes! Because her album was getting pushed back. Each and every time a date was announced, it was snatched away like a drag queens wig. She had label drama and all that, now she has a newly titled album, a new label and she's working with "hit-maker" Rico Love....Good luck with that. I do wish her all the best but I just don't think music is where her focus should be. Maybe she could take some acting classes with Bow Wow...you know? Or maybe even model full time. She's a very pretty girl and I'm sure she could land on someone's cover..until then, she needs to throw in the towel, raise the white flag, surrender and call it quits musically.

I know that many of you like Christina Aguilera. But I don't. Let me yell you why. When she first came onto the scene, you know back in 1999-2000, Britney Spears was doing her thing. She was my pop princess. I was singing ooh baybeh baybeh!! Then all of a sudden, this screeching and piercing sound bled through my stereo speakers one day and the DJ had THE NERVE to call Christina "Britney Spears with SOUL". I damned near knocked my stereo off of it's stand because I was highly upset with the comment. So it's like she just came out of the dirty swamps and tried to come of my Britt-Britt's wig and I wasn't having it. Ever since then, I gave her no play. I can sit here and say til this day that I've never fully listened to a Christina Aguilera album, and never will. I do like some of her music though, that I won't lie about. But this non-sense called "Your Body" that the gays and the Xtina stans are raving about is short stopping. I don't see what the fuss is about nor does Billboard and iTunes for that matter since it has stalled in the 30's and 40's. Her last album was a complete flop. She justifies it by saying the music was ahead of it's time...no bitch, you just wasn't hot...and still isn't. This "Lotus" album will triumphantly fail. She should have stayed with "The Voice". At least then she would have had a purpose in life which would be stopping people that sound like her from ever getting a recording contract. Her voice is agonizing. My ears are still bleeding from watching the "Your Body" video (which I liked by the way, visually).  I'm sure I'll catch hell for this but she should focus on being a mom. She does have kids right? She's been fighting the fat words since she gave birth. Needless to say, should find another hobby and leave the music thing to Britney Spears. Throw in the towel, raise the white flag, surrender and call it quits Xtina, for my sake.

G-G-G-G UNIT!! Remember that hot mess phrase? Yup, but you know you was one of the people going hard for 50 Cent and the rest of his crew. This dud laughed about destroying the career of Ja Rule and Murder INC...now look at him. Begging his label to put out his album like a crack head would beg to blow you for their next fix. It's funny how the tables have turned and I always say this. I was such a Ja Rule, Ashanti and Murder INC fan and was devastated when they fell off. Everyone loved 50 Cent, every DJ and radio station played ALL of his records to make him into the big powerful thug who was shot 5 times and walks with a limp. He didn't phase me, and still doesn't. He can't catch a break, and can't sell a record if I pointed a gun in his face. No one cares about him or his Vitamin C water anymore. He can really just give it up because, A: that album won't see the light of day and B: Karma is a big bitch. Her ass came back around and snapped back at him for all the mess he was putting Ja Rule through. Hell, even Alicia Keys felt bad for him and GAVE him one of her songs. Did it help him out in any way, no it did not. Maybe he should stick to creating things with his brand on it...like the Magic Stick Condoms, or his Body Spray. But I know one thing, he needs to throw in the towel, raise the white flag, surrender and call it quits because music isn't where it's at for him anymore.

NEEEXT..Lil Kim. This lady has been making a comeback for that past 30 years years now, and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that you're tired of waiting. I really wasn't waiting on anything because I could give two shits about her releasing anything or not. But needless to say, we've known about her and the Nicki Minaj beef for quite sometime now as it's been going on for a few years now, but the Queen B has yet to drop an album or anything. Ooops, my bad, I forgot to mention the "Black Friday" mixtape that shut down paypal...(still no records of that). But other than that, she's been ghost. She recently did her 2-day "Return of the Queen" tour in New York, but that's it. Home girl continuously took shots at Nicki Minj but still hasn't put out any music. Why you ask? Because no one is checking for her. She has simply been using Nicki Minaj as a ploy to get some media attention and air time. All of her interviews are about Nicki Minaj and the beef. It's never about her music. She has yet to score a number one album, or even a number one single on her own. Hell, she hasn't had a hit since Harriett Tubman freed the slaves. But she continues to ride Nicki's back. I haven't heard of anything about this beef recently because it's starting to die down. I think Kim's just now realizing that she's irrelevant as a rapper now that Nicki Minaj is here. So she can have a seat before she trips and fall like all of Destiny's Child. Throw in the towel, raise the white flag, surrender and call it quits because it's a wrap and I just closed the curtains on yo ass.

Alright, I don't have anything against this girl. I think she's pretty, I think she's sweet and very interactive with her fans. I also think she has a nice singing voice. The only problem I have with her is that she's soooooo boring!! Lana Del Rey is the most boring performer that I've EVER seen in all of my days! Watching her perform on stage is like watching paint dry. Even her videos just leave me so blank faced (-_-). She doesn't entertain met at all. I just don't understand how she has so many fans that adore her. The music is cryptic. It makes me want to take a knife and stab myself in the hand repeatedly until her music ends. But there are people out there that love her. The thing is, she hasn't caught the ear of America yet. Her music isn't big on radios nor are her videos big on VH1 or MTV. She has a huge online presence but that alone won't save her. Luckily for me, she said that she most likely won't put out another album. So I think it's safe to say that she has thrown in the towel, rose the white flag, surrendered and called it quits. After she releases the "Born To Die (Paradise Edition) that should be it for her.

Last on my hit list is...you guess it...Mariah Carey. I just don't know why she hasn't decided to have a seat yet because I've given her many chances, but she refuses. I don't know why I've grown to dislike her over the years but each time I see her talk about anything music, it makes my skin crawl. Her delusional fans act like she's the second coming of Jesus when they talk about her and they hype up her material so much to the point that you're expecting to hear heavenly angles but in reality you hear baby cows being slaughtered. Her new song was LESS than "Triumphant" and so was the video as well as that hot ass of a mess NFL performance. She needs to go home, get a rocking chair and raise dem babies. She could even start a clothing line, or make more perfume, hell start a new singing group to manage but she needs to sit her over grown ass down and STOP trying to make hit records. She almost 90 years old and still making records containing teenage lyrics. These little girls out here don't know who a Mariah Carey is. She need to take note from Janet and not even think about music. You see Janet been flopping for so many years that the world  album scares her. I would even appreciated if she started to make meaningful music again but it's not the case with her. Her last two albums flopped like fish out of water and that because she's not hot and no one is checking for her. This is why "Triumphant" failed and it is exactly why her new album will EPICALLY fail because it's not coming out until next year, which will kick off the American Idol season. She thinks the show will save her fading singing career. Um, I think not, hopefully she makes that a full time gig and throw in the towel, raise the white flag, surrender and call it quits with music.

And there you have it. That's my list of 10 people that needs to leave music alone and head into a different direction. It's simply my opinion, hate it or love it. Major shade was thrown, but shit some of them need a reality check. I'm sure you have a nice phat list as well. Below you can check out a few lists from other hot bloggers. They have some choice words of their own.


Artists That Should Throw In The Towel
By: Zion

Keri Hilson: I know many will not agree, but Keri Hilson just doesn’t do it for me as a solo artist, when she came on the music scene I was feeling her until she dropped the remix to her single "Turning Me On", that saw her taking shoots at two of the biggest female artists Beyonce and Ciara. Which was a very stupid thing to do, you don`t have to like someone but don`t waste your time and talent hating on someone because it`s not worth it at all, it might`ve created buzz for her but also made her one of the most hated artist around. 

Her debut album"In a Perfect World..." peaked at number four and a year later she followed it up with her second album "No Boys Allowed" peaked at number eleven, it saw her degrading herself by sexing her image and popping her goodies all over the camera, looking a little bit desperate to keep up. That whole era saw her struggling to embody her sound because it`s not her sound but a mixture various sound from her fellow singers like Rihanna, Ciara and her live performances are really painful to watch, she lacks stage presence and  her vocal delivery is pretty weak and her choreography is very stiff, the girl doesn`t have rhythm. I think she should go back to songwriting and hang it up as artist, it`s not becoming of her.

Ashanti: It’s been four years since Ashanti released an album and since then many have wondered if she’d ever return. Now that she is on her way back with her upcoming album "Braveheart" but most of us just wish she won`t bother after hearing her music lately that showcased her vocal growth but also her poor songwriting skills. She returned with her single "The Woman You Love" which is poorly written and poorly produced, no wonder it failed to create buzz for her and flopped so hard on the charts and she then revealed her cheap looking album cover, the braid, the eyes, the lips—everything about it is terrible.

She went on to drop a couple of tracks to create buzz but she still hasn`t, the tracks are extremely predictable and average. Her live performances during this era have been quite good but she still has to work on her stage presence and her vocal delivery and she still seems like a new artist to me because she has yet displayed her growth as artist. She needs a new management team and a group of producers and songwriters that will bring out the best in her or she can hang it up flat screen.


Artists That Need To Call It Quits
By: Dante Marquis

Kreayshawn - Self explanatory. How do you get a $1 million dollar contract and only sell 4,000 albums first week? She can go back to the IKEA store she came from.

Nelly Furtado - Nelly Furtado was hot when she was rolling with Justin Timberlake and Missy and Timberland. But now that all 3 of them are doing other things, she's irrelevant. All of her new music are flopped, her album has flopped, she's getting older (she's in her 30's). She can bow out gracefully and maybe go judge The Voice: Canada if they need a judge, since she is Canadian. I can't imagine her ever selling alot here, ever again after this flop of an album.

Jennifer Hudson - You probably are looking at this one like "WTF" but honestly, Jennifer Hudson's music has never been that great. Unless her next album is going to be a classic R&B album (which I highly doubt), I could live without her having a music career anyways. She could just stick to acting in Weight Watchers commercials, etc.

50 Cent - Kanye West ended 50's career back in 2007 when they decided to release albums on the same day. Then they made into a big publicity stunt, almost a beef. And Kanye won by selling a million copies first week, 50 only doing 600,000. And he hasn't had a hit single since. He's tried and tried, release plenty of mixtapes and somewhat decent singles, but nobody is checking for 50 Cent anymore.

Britney Spears - The personality is gone. The fire is gone. To be honest, she could just stick to X Factor (if she turns out to be good in the live shows) and maybe release a greatest hits album with 2 new songs on it (like Jennifer Lopez). That's all we really want. I don't wanna see BS performances (pun intended) and hear the same song 10 times in a row on an album. People like her need to just bow out gracefully. But that won't happen because her father and fiance are money hungry and have control over her and she's seemingly clueless...

Mariah Carey - Mariah, like Britney, simply just cannot do what she used to be able to do. Yeah, her voice is still better than most, but it's not that magical, pure voice that it used to be. And her music is nothing in comparison to what it used to be. And if "Triumphant" is any indication of the new album, she's going to have her third flop album in a row. Third strike's and you're out, right?

I could say other people like Nicole Scherzinger and Christina Milian, but I feel like with the right singles, they could become superstars over night. But those 6 above definitely need to call it quits, in my opinion.

An Artist That Should Surrender Her Career 
By: ShoSho

Cheryl Cole

Once upon a time Cheryl Cole was nothing more than an easily disposable member of Girls Aloud playing background to the heavenly vocals of Nadine Coyle.

In comes the X-Factor…

The wannabe vocalist was granted the role of judging others on what good singing is (ironic right?) and this became the launching pad for a solo career that was inevitably going to be prosperous. During her run as Britain’s sweetheart, the ‘singer’ enjoyed many hit singles with 2 number one albums under her belt. It appeared she might be able to fully breakout as the Beyoncé of her former group but it was just too good to be true.

In comes the X-Factor USA…

Simon Cowell had buttered up naïve Cheryl so much that she believed that she was special enough to unveil her brand in the states despite housing painstakingly awful music and next to no talent. As we all know, she was hilariously fired off the show, replaced with a more credible judge in Nicole Scherzinger. Meanwhile back in her home country, there was no space for her to come crawling back to the show which without a doubt made her a superstar.

Her first post-X-Factor album, ‘A Million Lights’ despite spawning the number 1 smash, ‘Call My Name’ and storming the charts at No.2 ultimately dropped out of the top 40 completely after only 6 weeks (OUCH!).

Cheryl Cheryl Cheryl it appears your time is firmly up, your absence of discernible talent or output has finally caught up with you. I recommend she goes back to playing the backdrop in Girls Aloud because even her overrated sex appeal can’t save her waning career at this point.

As the old saying goes…



My Pics
By: Brandan Santana

Jennifer Lopez

JLO hasn't had a big success musically since 2005. I think her marriage to marc anthony ruined her image and after that she just didn't do it musically like she use to. With her big judging role on American Idol she thought that she would see a turn around in her music, but people still didn't care enough to actually buy her album. I just think at this point jlo just needs to keep doing her films, and being a businesswoman. And it wouldn't hurt her to do a tour every couple of years.


Leona Lewis
Leona is so damn BORING. She has no stage presence or personality. She has a great voice, but her ass can't even sell records like she did with her debut. The problem is she can't connect, has no type of image, and she's a big cry baby! Her album was suppose to be out last year, but got pushed back...and it looks like it might get pushed back again! Maybe she can get a gig on x factor as a judge in the uk until she can figure herself out

Teairra Mari
Now this bitch was never really on but she keeps trying. I use to be a fan of her and really wanted her to succeed but it just never happened. I remember I tweeted her about trying to interview for my blog numerous times and she never answered. Someone dared me to tweet her and tease the fact that she got dropped from roc a fella so I did. She tweeted back this time trying to backlash at my comment, me and her went back and forth and I told her that her album still wouldn't come out and then she blocked me from twitter. At this point I knew she was an attention whore who only responds to drama rather than a fan who actually wanted to connect and help promote her. And guess what I was right, that album still hasn't come out lol.

Keri Hilson
This trick has never had a big success as a solo artist, I did like her Energy track when she first came out. But when she came out and tried to throw shade at Ciara and Beyonce I was so over her. That's like an ugly person calling a pretty person ugly, just something you don't do. Now that's not the only reason, but I feel Keri doesn't know who she is as an artist, has no stage prescense, and I can't stand her voice...those live performances are horrid. She needs to stop swagger-jacking and move on. Go back to co-writing songs!

Nicole Scherzinger
This trick hasn't been hot since Pussycat Dolls. Even when her ass tried to break away and go solo no one cared...but when she went back to the group; success, went solo again and still no one cares. Get the hint, to me she can't do it alone and she just doesn't ooze superstar quality to me as far as a soloist is concerned. Find a job in modeling, and maybe even acting...I can see her as the new Roselyn Sanchez.

Yes I did say it lol. I might get a lot of backlash for this but hear me out. I just feel at this point what else can Beyonce do and still be Beyonce? Even though her last album wasn't completely a flop...it was a HUGE decline from what she did with her previous albums. I don't want to see her coochi poppin in my camera and still singing pat your weave songs, and who's running the world in her 30's and now has this baby. If she releases new music it needs to be something a little bit more timeless with substance like her first album. She might as well leave it now before she ends up going down a bad road like Nelly Furtado just did. I just haven't seen a growth in Beyonce, it's always the same show; a fan to blow her weave, costumes, and echos of her notes. To me Beyonce should have a Las Vegas show next summer, and keep doing it like that how Celine Dion and Toni Braxton does and make that dough...she'll be fine with her endorsements.