Fresh Music | Ashanti - "That's What We Do" (feat. R. Kelly) / by

With Ashanti's album "BraveHeart" clinging on to dear life, tracks from it seems to keep surfacing. Since this one has an actual cover for it, it's safe to call it a single. Not only that but it's on iTunes right now.  It features R. Kelly and it's called "That's What We Do".

The song was produced by Lil Ronnie and tells the story of two people in an up and down relationship. They fight, they love but at the end of the night they're still in love The heavy hitting production meshes well with their vocals. Give it a listen below.

I'm still bitter about her blocking me from Twitter, and yet, I still post and support her songs. I may talk about her like a dog but I post her content. This song is decent. I mean, it's not bad. She looks good in the single cover...had her album cover looked something like this then she wouldn't be in the position that she's in now. What do you think about the song?