Fresh Music | Brandy "Let Me Go" / by

Yet another track has been dropped from Brandy's upcoming album "Two Eleven". It will hit stores everywhere on October 16th. Just a few days ago, we were graced with "No Such Thing As Too Late" and now here's "Let Me Go".

This track was produced by Bangladesh, who crafted "Put It Down",  and written by Sean Garret. Inside, she singers her heart out about finding a damn good man that's oh so good to her and she can't hardly let him him. Listen up after the break.

The production and parts of the arrangements sound strikingly similar to that of "Put It Down". I can dig it though. I love parts when she faintly says "don't let me go". It's almost like a yo-dole. If tracks keep leaking like this then I'm sure the album will leak soon. I hope she can do some strong numbers.

There really hasn't been much promotion for it, but I hope she does well. What do you think about the new song?