Fresh Music | LL Cool J - "Ratchet" / by

Rapper LL Cool J hasn't released an album since 2008 but it looks like that is slowly, but surly about to change. On his official website, a prase reads "Authentic Hip-Hop Coming Soon." So you know what that means. We can even take it and believe it now that a brand new song has emerged.

The track is called "Ratchet". He spits about a trifling hood rat that used him for his money and material wealth. I must admit, the title alone just made me want to listen to it. Give the track a go after the break.

You know, I don't think this is authentic hip-hop. I think this song is just as ratchet as the girl he's talking about in the song. Good thing he's offering it as a free download. It just sounds like a track that he wanted to have fun on...especially with the title "Ratchet". Funny stuff. What do you think about it?