Justin Bieber VOMITS on Stage...In Front of Thousands / by

Two nights ago while in Arizona for his "Believe" tour, Justin Bieber hit the stage to perform one of his hits from his chat topping album album "Believe". The 18-year old sang and danced to "Out of Town Girl" but before he hit the stage, he downed a bad glass of milk.

During the performance, the singer crouched down and cut loose. He puked twice, on stage, in front of thousands of fans and then ran off the stage. His dancers kept the show going. They danced and stepped through the vomit like it was holy water. Check out the clip below.

Sometimes I just wonder why aren't these singers taking care of themselves? They cancel shows more than the CW Network cancels television series. It's crazy. They're either sick, lost their voice, put on bed rest by doctors...they're so fragile now-days.

But he said, it was because of bad milk he drank...