Mariah Carey Tightens Up Her Security On Idol / by

Following the American Idol spat between your f*cking highness Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj, the diva was spotted with a more hefty entourage of security guards escorting her to and from the auditions. These actions comes after she was reportedly threatened to be shot by the rapper.

Producers strongly deny the threat and so does Nicki Minaj for that matter. Carey said that she was left emotionally uncomfortable after arguing with Minaj, but Nicki felt that she has finally knocked her off of her high horse...

All I gotta say is that, Mariah is a smart girl, she better higher five more. I told you that she messed with the wrong one. But in all honestly, she knows that Nicki isn't gonna do anything to her. The fact that she really hired more security is simply ridiculous behavior.