Natalia Kills "Controversy" Video / by

I was just shown this video last night and it was everything! If looks could kill, then she would have slain every viewer because she was working the camera with the mugs, stares and glares that she was giving. They were just fierce. She looked like a bitchy boss throughout the video.

Natalia Kills is working on a second album called "Trouble" and this is the first single from called "Controversy". The video is simple but great! That statics, the flashes of random topics and images mixed with her deranged face and stares just creates an epic video. Watch it below.

That was probably the BEST four minutes and forty eight seconds of your life. I know it was! "Drink the kool-aid, don't drink the kool aid, Drink the kool-aid, don't drink the kool aid" Controversy it's just so demonic and dark and I LOVE the hell out of it!!