Ratchet Girl Makes Baby Boy Smoke Weed / by

After watching this video, you will see why ratchet people shouldn't be allowed to have kids or even watch them. This clip shows a ratchet girl, who is said to be from South Carolina, giving a toddler a few puffs of the joint that she was smoking.

The little boy did as he was told while someone filmed it all on their phone. The little boy was munching on a chicken leg, when she put the joint to his lips and told him to take a puff. Watch this hot ass mess below via Sandra Rose.

Now this is the shit that I don't like. This is why these little kids grow up wanting to do NOTHING with their lives. This is what they're exposed to at such young ages. People wonder why I say that I don't get mad at these kids and teenagers now-a-days for acting ignorant because I always say that they don't know any better. They we're never taught or had to the chance to learn how to be civilized.

This video clearly shows that this boy is being raised around weed smoking, ghetto ratchetness. When he gets older, (god forbid it happens) but all he will mostly know is weed smoking, ghetto ratchetness. If you know who this girl is, call the police so her ass can have a reality check. Why on earth would you let a little kid smoke that stuff? Just pure stupidity.