Rihanna Unviels "Unapologetic" Album Cover / by

Rihanna just revealed the cover for her upcoming album. It's her seventh one, within seven years mind you, and it's called "Unapologetic". However, she should be more apologetic for using such trash as a cover. I love her, but I have to hate her at times...and this would be one of those times.

The project is lead by the new single "Diamonds" which has secured her a #1 hit on Billboard's new R&B Songs chart which debuted today. Why did the song reach the top spot on an R&B chart when it isn't even R&B boggles the hell out of me.

I just don't understand. I like nothing about this cover. I hate the adjectives scribbled across her face and body. Did Chris Brown add his graffiti to the cover? I'm sorry but it just looks tacky and ratchet. No bueno! I'm not a fan. Who approved this shit? People will sell poop on a stick now-a-days. Your thoughts?