Rihanna Will Sell "Unapologetic" Deluxe Set For $250 / by

We all know that Rihanna's seventh studio album is well on it's way. With the release of her new single "Diamonds", which is currently climbing the charts, and her fast paced album promo trail, she's a force to reaconed with. It's very standard now a days to release a deluxe ediiton for your album. But Rihanna is about to take it up a notch.

The singer is planning a phat package for her fans when her new album "Unapologetic" is released. For a whopping $249.99 you can get a hold of her new album and some other essentials. Don't worry, it won't be a blunt or diamonds or anything, just a bunch of random and odd things. The album is set to drop next month. Check it out below.

* A Rihanna Unapologetic 2GB Credit Card style USB Flash Memory Drive with plentiful room for high-definition photos, graphic-intensive documents, videos, spreadsheets, presentations, term papers and music that can be stored and retrieved in a flash.

* A unisex shirt featuring a stunning Michael Muller photo of Rihanna taken during her Unapologetic album photo shoots spanning several weeks. Printed on a black 100% soft cotton shirt.

* 7 Art print 12 x15 lithographs featuring Michael Muller photography, a Magnus Voll Mathiassen illustration and exclusive never-before released Rihanna Unapologeticimages, bound together with her iconic handwritten R logo band.

* 3 Device Adhesives featuring Rihanna’s Unapologeticcover, logo and image, compatible with iPhone, Blackberry and all other smart phone devices.

* 7 Laptop stickers featuring artwork by Mario Hugo,Unapologetic album and “Diamonds” single artwork, and other Rihanna surprises. * 11×17 Rihanna handwritten personal note to her Navy.

* A collectible colored vinyl featuring Diamonds Remixes. * A Rihanna 3D experience available exclusively in this boxset. Collect this exclusive custom-made white View-Master with silver detail including a collectible vintage reel of never-before-released 3D images depicting Rihanna’s iconic style transformation.

 * A 40-page custom Rihanna Notebook with handwritten notes and lyrics. * Unapologetic Deluxe CD version with a 28-page photo and art booklet featuring Michael Muller and Melissa T. Forde photography.

*A  20 minute DVD featuring never-before-released footage, a First Look from Rihanna’s sold-out Loud Tour performance Live from London’s O2 arena. * Exclusive Fan Mosaic poster featuring members of Rihanna’s Navy and a breathtaking Unapologetic image.

If I see someone even attempt to pick this up while I'm at work, I'ma knock it right out of their hand because it's simply a rip off. Ain't nobody got time fo' dat! We're not trying to remodel our house, we just want to listen to n album. I can see that she wants a #1 album but damn....Will you be buying it?