Rita Ora Premieres "Shine Ya' Light" Video + Chicago Concert Pics / by

Rita Ora is currently touring the U.S. with her "Ora" tour which hit Chicago last night. The London singer was hotter than ever on stage. She stated during her performance that the video for "Shine Ya Light" was shot and would see a release soon, but I didn't think it was THIS soon.

The video premiered hours ago on the inter-web. It was shot in her hometown of Pristina, Yugoslavia. It's a pretty down to earth video. In it, she treats the song as if it's an anthem to her hometown. It's pretty much her being her. Check it out below.

I loved the video! Rita looked good as always. "Shine Ya' Light" is definitely one of my favorite songs from her. The concert yesterday was very nice. I got the change to meet and greet with her. She's really nice and gives out great hugs.

I think I was being a bit needy...and it was only because another concert goer didn't get  the meet & greet package and he wanted me to get her to sign his poster. So after she signed my I kinda rudely said "oh and this one you signature would be just fine..." and she was like "okay is there anything else you want me to do for you...?"

Then she laughed and said "no I'm really kidding, I don't want you to think that I'm like that. I'm not that way honestly". Then She gave me another hug and took  a few pictures with her and it was really great. She also smelled good. Her perfume was lingering in my nostrils all through the night. I wish I knew what she was wearing.

Her performances were all great. She pretty much performed her entire album, with the  exception of a few songs and my favorite "Young, Single & Sexy". She gave a good show, she had her live band backing her up and did some interacting with us as we sang along to her songs. I can also say that she can definitely sing. Hands down.

Check out a few pictures from the event below. She looked good in her red gown.