Teen Arrested for Grabbing Cops Balls & Twisting Them / by

A Texas teen has been arrested and charged with a number of incidents. Cory Weddington III was kicked out of a club this past Sunday night as employee of the place noticed that he was drinking. He refused to leave the premises without his credit card which he claimed was still inside of the building.

Officers were called to the scene and gave him ample chances to leave, but he didn't. Cory refused to leave with his friends so he remained outside of the club and things got twisted & ugly once a cop began to arrest him. Check out the story below.
An officer then put him on the ground with an "arm-bar technique" and grabbed the teen's left hand. But his right hand remained free. 

 ...Weddington reached up with his right hand to the officer's pants and began squeezing his testicles. The office put pressure behind his ear and told him to let go, but he squeezed harder, causing increased pain to the officer, the report states. 

The officer then punched him in the face, but Weddington only squeezed more and began to twist his hand, causing the officer "extreme pain." Weddington only relinquished his hold after the officer punched him multiple times. Weddington was arrested on charges of public intoxication, resisting arrest and assault on a public servant.

Source: Gawker

My body was twitching and squirming as I was reading the report. That just seemed like it was the worst pain ever to man kind. The balls are very fragile and precious. They are only to be sucked, kissed and licked. Not squeezed and twisted like you're in some kind of "Saw" movie!! Poor officer..