Customer Serivce Gone Wrong: T-Mobile Employee Stabs Customer After Argument / by

A local Philadelphia man is being hospitalized after he was stabbed by a T-Mobile employee at an uptown location. The 54 year old man entered the store to contest his monthly bill which was higher than he felt it should be.

He confronted one of the sales representatives which was 21 year old Darnell Schoolfield and it escalted from there. The employee is seen on camera sticking the customer with an object and is now wanted for attempted homicide and aggravated assault. Check it out below.


Police say a T-Mobile customer was critically stabbed by a store employee after complaining his cell phone bill was too high in a horrific attack caught on camera. Carrying an employee name tag of 21-year-old Darnell Schoolfield to police in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania on Tuesday, his alleged victim said it belonged to the man who attacked him before it was ripped it from his shirt.

'Apparently he was double-billed. During the course of the verbal exchange it becomes heated,' Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood told WPVI of the motive behind the afternoon attack. 'The next thing you know it becomes physical,' he said. 

Store surveillance capturing the incident shows the 59-year-old victim heading outside the store when the employee is clearly seen sticking something into his side. 'As the victim is going out of the store after the altercation, you can see store clerk stab him in the side,' said Mr Chitwood of the footage.

Police said the victim didn't realize he had been stabbed until driving himself to a police station and noticing the open wound. 'He looks down and sees blood pouring out of his side and said, "Oh my God, I'm stabbed,' said Mr Chitwood.

During the course of their brawl which started out as a conversation before pouring out onto the street, the customer said he managed to rip Schoolfield's tag off his shirt. The victim was transferred to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania where he underwent surgery for his wound, first reported in critical condition and later upgraded to serious.

Schoolfrield fled the scene and remains at large according to police. He faces attempted homicide and aggravated assault. A T-Mobile spokesman responding to the attack said they were 'shocked and saddened' by the incident, adding: '[We] are working with local law enforcement to assist in their investigation so we cannot disclose further details about the incident at this time. Our thoughts are with our customer and his family,' reports. 

Source: Daily Mail


Clearly, customer service isn't for everyone. But coming from customer service, some customer will take you there. He didn't need to get stabbed though, that was a   bit drastic. Some customers feel that they deserve the world. Clearly it wasn't Shoolfield's fault that he was over charged.

Schoolfield didn't personally bill him, shit neither did anyone else at the store for that matter. He should have stayed his old ass home and called T-Mobile billing services. If he doens't know how to to that then he doens't deserve to have a damn cell phone.

It really pisses me off when customers feel and think just because they bought something from somewhere, that particular place is responsible for any and everything that happens. No bitches, it doesn't work that way.

If he had a billing issue, there's a place to go for that. The place isn't inside to a local store. Had he not went into that store bitching, he would have gotten stabbed. Not saying that he deserved to get stabbed (shame on the employee for doing it) but people need to understand that there's a place for evertyhing.

Don't go bitching out someone at customer service because your bill is too high or because your product is no longer working. It's not their fault. They didn't create the shit. If you have a problem take it up with the people responsible for it. That's all I'm saying.

All of this could have been avoided with a simple phone call. Hell, he probably could have gotten a free bill, but instead he gets stabbed because he wants to go into a store and raise hell....people be ware, customer service just got REAL! Your thoughts?