Fresh Music | Cristtina Aguilera - "Blank Page" / by

Christina Aguilera is embarking on the reelase of her brand new album "Lotus". The first single "Your Body" was simply a disappointment on the charts as well as it's her first performance of it. Well, in her defense, it was more of a skit, but performance. But any who, a new song surfaced in full today.

The track is called "Blank Page". It's a powerful piano ballad when her uncontrollably singing all over the place and screeching loudly  in my god given ears. You say it's her signature sound, I say it's a hot ass mess. Take a listen to the song below.

It's definitely not a bad song, but she just destroys it with those agonizing sounds that she calls vocals. I'm a big fan of piano ballads. Maybe if it was song softer throughout the entire song, I'd be all over it. But I have nice quality headphones, I can't listen to this mess because I'd go deaf. 

Lyrically, the song is a winner. There's a powerful message behind it, but I think someone else should have sang it. They would have done a much better job. What do you think about the song?