Fresh Music | Natalia Kills - "Heart to Break" / by

Natalia Kills is hard at work on her upcoming album "Trouble" which is set to drop sometime next year. The first single "Controversy" was simply a smash in my eyes and so was the video. That song has an entire different feel from this one. This dreamy ballad is called "Heart to Break".

It's rumored to be the second single from the project but nothing has yet to be confirmed. The song is simply stunning and shows a rarely seen vulnerable side of the songstress. Inside she wonders if the guy she loved even had a heart that was able to be broken. Listen to it below.

Love this!! I love ballads. It's very soft and dreamy and different for Natalia Kills. She is known for her dark pop music, but even on her first album there we're a few fun pop songs but nothing too vulnerable like this one. I hope this is the second single, I would love to see what the video would look like! What do you think about the track?