Fresh Music | Rihanna - "Half of Me" / by

I told yall that Rihanna's album leaked, and the songs are popping on the net left and right. The latest being the bonus track to her "Unapologetic" album. The song is called "Half of Me" and is probably one of the only meaningful songs on the project.

It's pretty much a record about no one knowing all of her. People only get to see the half of it, being on camera, the music, the videos and parties. It's a clear statement that the world doesn't know the real her. Listen to it below.

Yup, I can dig it. I knew I was going to like it when I heard it on the album sampler. But I just think this song doesn't fit her, nor does it do her character any justice. Because I'm sure what we see, on camera, is the real her and is not the half of it. It's 100%!