Keyshia Cole Premieres "Trust & Believe" Video / by

These music videos are dropping left and right. Keyshia Cole is the latest to have her video hit the inter-web tonight. The second single from her album "Woman to Woman" has gotten the video treatment. It's called "Trust & Believe".

The clip was directed by Benny Boom and co stars Tae Hackford, most known from the television show "The Game", and Rotimi. The video revolves around two best friends with one cheating and sleeping with the other's man behind her back. The ending is simply deadly. Check it out below.

Keyshia Cole is a  straight gangster! She snapped off! She smashed window and all. This video truly captured the essence of the song. When I first listened to the track, all I could hear is hurt and pain behind the voice. It's the same thing with the video. Keyshia sang the hell out of this track and played her role perfectly in the video. What did you think about the clip?