LL Cool J Unviels "Authentic Hip-Hop" Cover / by

Hip-Hop heavyweight LL Cool J is preparing to release a brand new album called "Authentic Hip-Hop". He's ready to return to the music scene and stateed that he is not trying to copete with the 17-year olds on the radio.

It will mark his 14th album and will only feature Monica and Joe. The album is lead by the singles "Ratchet" and "Take It". Check out the track listng below and listen to the new song.
01. Something About U (FTW)
02. Where Ya At (BOSS)
03. Take It (feat. Joe)
04. Closer (feat. Monica)
05. Too Late
06. New Love
07. Dream With Me
08. Girl So Bad
09. Ratchet
10. Bartender Please
11. Bath Salt
12. Getting Paper
13. Jump On It
14. Hell Yeah
15. Whaddup