Rihanna's Journey to "Unapologetic".. (-_-) / by

Rihanna wants you to know that she goes through an entire journey before putting out an album. What she doesn't want you to know is that the journey she takes is only about 2 days. I just refuse to believe that there's an actual journey that she embarks on before putting out an album. It's just not possible. I do not consider this any type of journey what so ever. It's simply a bunch of put together clips of Rihanna being Rihanna.

Nothing in this clip screams out "this is what I've been doing and working hard on that led me to record my new album Unapologetic." It simply does not. She can fool me. I can see pass all of that maybelene. This is a joke. Don't go take a camera and film some random shit in two days and call it a journey because it's not. Going to gun ranges, taking random photos in front of a plane, rehersing for performances that have nothing to do with the album?

Where's the footage from the "Diamonds" tour that she's planning? You know, behinds the scenes of the new "Diamonds" video? That's what I'm looking for. Not this bull. This video alone is a clear examply of why I love and hate her at times. Her team will just throw any damn thing together and call it something. Watch this foolery below. Her Navy ofcourse is eating it up but I will not. Bitch can't pull wool over my eyes and tell me the sky is green. Never!!