T-Boz Expresses Her Dislike For Kim Kardashian & Nicki Minaj's Idol Gig / by

T-Boz from the singing group TLC is not one to hold her tongue. She says  what she wants, when she wants and how she wants. Yesterday, the preview for an interview that she did with This is Max hit the web and she said some things...

....Things that a few retarded bloggers seem to think was ONLY geared towards Nicki Minaj, however we here at Dimp-Zone don't think that's the case. Below you can check out the clip yourself as she blatantly calls out Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj & another judge from one of the shows.

"Just because you’re on TV gyrating and boning and sucking penises, it’s not talent, honey. Maybe in the porn industry, but over here, we entertain. I don’t respect half [of] the people I’ve seen lately.
How the hell is she gon’ tell me what I should be doing when her azz can’t even sing. Why is she there?"

"And then…now they’ve got rappers that don’t even sing judging? So, this is totally based off of popularity I guess. I mean, to each their own. Get your money, honey. All I’m saying is, I will never watch [your] shows again."


CLEARLY Nicki Minaj wasn't on camera boning and sucking penises, nor did she get famous for it. We all know who's the queen of that realm. And it's Kim Kardashian. Clearly T-Boz is not a fan of her. Now lets talk the "You can't even sing" quote. Currently there's The Voice, X-Factor and American Idol on television right now.

We know damn well she ain't talking about Mariah Carey because for one, even thought I dislike her) she can actually sing pretty damn good. Secondly, we can rule out Demi Lovato because I'm sure T-Boz has the slightest idea about who she is.

So that leave Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. So you be the judge. I choose Christina. Then of course the last statement about the "rappers" was the ONLY one gearted towards Nicki simply because she's a rapper. Duh! But like she said, "get cho money honey!"