Cassie Premieres "End of the Line" Video / by

I guess she didn't take my advice to throw in the towel. Cassie just released a video for a new song called "End of the Line" which well be featured on her upcoming mixtape "Rock-A-Bye Baby", which sounds like the perfect title for the perfect snooze fest.

Inside the cheap visual, she flaunts a head of nappy hair in the middle of someone's dry Sahara desert talking about how her and her boo thang reached the end of the line. I'm sure this was directed and produced by herself. Check it out below.

As much as I thought I would hate the song, I don't. I actually don't hate it at all. It's the video that I don't like. She reached the end of the line with this one. It looks like she took someone's $299.99 Sony camera with a tripod, grabbed an outfit from a Vibe photo shoot from her closet, drove her mini Jeep down to the Hidden Valley and proceeded to record a music video.

Now, I'm not knocking her hustle, but bitch if you gone hustle, you better hustle right. Take note from Teairra Mari. She ass won hustler of the year last year for her hard work and her not so cheap videos and lookin glamorous. Even Cassie's hair looked like she was rubbed around in the  sand she was walking in.

I guess she's gonna keep trying until she gets another hit, but that most likely won't ever happen. I will say, as I always do, that she looks stunning, minus the hair and clothes. She's a very pretty girl. She gives good face, and needs to just stick to it and leave music the hell alone!